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Cure Cracking Heals at Home.

Cure Cracking Heals at Home.

Overview and Details

Cracked Heels Cracked Heels (Cracked Heels) is a common and widespread problem. It has been found that 20% of adult ind crackingividuals suffer from heel stenosis, and women occupy the largest proportion of people with this problem compared to men. As a result of dehydration and stiffness of the skin, the skin appears in the thick area of ​​the heel, in addition to the accumulation of brown or yellow tissue on the edges of the heel, and it is worth mentioning that the appearance of the heel is not desirable is the only problem of cracking the heel of the feet often, and this does not prevent the possibility of going to the stage.

 Treatment of heel heel fracture The treatment of heel cracks in very difficult cases is reviewed and treated by a specialist. In general, heel cracks can be treated. The heel can be obtained from pharmacies without a prescription. The heel balm contains ingredients that moisturize, soften and exfoliate the skin. Dead of the cubes, and of this component Urea, Salicylic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acids, but some of these substances can cause skin irritation and a feeling of stinging when used.                                                                               These symptoms are common and common. , But in the case of severe discomfort, or that these substances started to cause other reactions more severe, should consult with the doctor and inform him, and consult with the doctor in cases of serious cracks of the soles of the feet that require the use of strong balm not only dispensed with a prescription, Conditions that require the use of steroid creams Which works to prevent inflammation and relieve itching. Soaking and peeling of the feet. The soaking and moisturizing of the feet can help to solve the problem of heel fracture, because this area is drier than the rest of the skin, and the actions taken to soak the feet: Put the feet in a quantity of lukewarm water and soap for up to twenty minutes. Use of fiber, peeling or pumice stone to remove hard and thick skin. Gently pat on the foot. Apply a foot balm or a thick skin moisturizer to the affected area. Put Vaseline on foot, wear the stocking. Avoid foot peeling when dry, which increases the risk of skin damage.


The use of liquid bandage. This product comes in the form of aerosol. It can be used by spraying the affected area after cleaning and drying. The entire area is covered with fluid. It is a layer above the skin. The liquid bandage is very practical. It can be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription, and it is worth mentioning that this product is used especially in cases where the cracking of the ankles deep and the expected bleeding of the heel at any time.
 Honey: Honey  is used as a natural remedy for the cracks of the foot heel, because it has anti-microbial properties and bacteria. It also helps to heal and sterilize wounds, moisturize the skin. Honey is used as a skin peeler after soaking the feet. Coconut oil is recommended for dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis. It keeps the skin moist, and its position after soaking the feet is also a good option.
Coconut oil: is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial protects against infection and reduces the risk of infection. The bleeding. Other household preparations: vinegar to soak the feet. Olive oil or vegetable oil for moisturizing. Shea butter for moisturizing. Banana mashed to moisturize. Paraffin.
Oatmeal with oil for peeling.
Drink enough water. Drinking enough water helps to re-moisturize the skin, so the foot heel can be moistened.  Use gentle soap that does not dehydrate the skin. Use of antibiotics in severe cases Of the infection.


Causes of foot heel fracture It can be said that pressure or weight on the heel of the foot without sufficient moisture may cause the person to suffer from the fracture of the heel of the feet, and other causes of the fracture of heel feet Especially on hard surfaces. Wear open shoes from the rear area. Wear inappropriate shoes, such as those that cause foot contact with shoes in the back of the foot. Walk the wrong way. The weather is dry and cold. Factors that increase the risk of foot heel fracture Some health problems may increase the likelihood of suffering from dry skin problem, which causes the individual to be affected by the fracture of the heel of the feet. These health problems include Obesity. Diabetes. Psoriasis. Eczema. Flat foot. Athlete's foot. Fungal infection. Heel screws. Hypothyroidism. Preventing heel splitting Preventing the suffering from dryness of the skin and cracks in the heel of the feet by following the following tips Avoid bathing with warm water and replace it with warm water. Be careful not to exceed the shower period of 5-10 minutes. Apply moisturizers immediately after washing the heels with water. Avoid using harsh soap on skin. Wear closed shoes from behind



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